Holistic Offboarding Helps Create Loyal Alumni

As professional career transition coaches, we come alongside individuals that have been impacted by a reduction in their employment. They often come to use struggling to see hope for their next career. After they go through our program, they begin to thrive and become grateful to their former employers. They realize the value they have received from the unexpected change and have a new outlook on their career.  This past week a participant sent me a note saying, “I’m forever thankful for your team’s support – they truly did help prepare me for my next role.”  The company she worked for, now has another loyal alumnus in the workplace because of their care for her on the way out.

Businesses spend a great deal of time and resources bringing new hires aboard and retaining employees, but little effort and few resources toward offboarding. Employees who leave may receive a cursory exit interview, instructions for handing off assignments, and a sheet of postemployment benefits and resources—but that may be, about it.

The lack of attention to the exit process can damaging to a company’s brand.

Management advisors as well as law firms lead the way in protecting their clients by encouraging them to treat exiting employees in much the same way that a university handles its graduating students—assisting in the transition, setting up graduates for future success.  That may be one of the reasons you see buildings that are named after their alumni on college campuses.

Originally posted at Career Development Partner