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These Are The Top Soft Skills Needed In The Future Of Work

Automation has penetrated nearly every industry, forcing humans to learn how to work alongside new technologies 

While these tools have the power to streamline tasks and follow strict schedules, there is one thing that they can’t replicate: soft skills. 

Because of this, soft skills have become more important to the workplace than ever before. The need for human touch will continue to grow as technology is further integrated into the workday.    

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But which soft skills should today’s workforce ensure that they have mastered in preparation for the future of work? 

1. Critical thinking 

The ability to analyze a scenario and all of its possible outcomes, and make a decision that works best for the company.  

2. Judgment and Complex Decision Making 

Alongside critical thinking, humans must have the ability to recognize nuance in decision making, and how certain situations could impact other colleagues.  

3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Empathy 

Understanding that workers have their own unique experiences and perspective in the world is critical to a modern workplace. By showing empathy, workers have the ability to create a deeper interpersonal connection that can help the workplace thrive. 

4. Creativity 

Machines cannot think outside the box, but humans certainly can. Having a spark of innovation and the ability to communicate new ideas sets people apart from the machines. 

5. Cultural Intelligence and Diversity Consciousness 

Like empathy, having an awareness that people come from diverse backgrounds, and how those experiences may impact their decision, is essential.  

Diversity has the power to not only create a visionary workplace, but also increase the likelihood of business success by introducing multiple points-of-view at work and expanding their reach. 


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